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Commercial Insurance protects you and your business in many types of unexpected situations involving your business premises and the personal property owned by your business.

Basic Coverages

  • Structures at the Premise helps cover completed additions and fixtures, such as outdoor fixtures and permanently installed machinery and equipment. 

  • Business Personal Property such as furniture, shelving, stock and other contents are typically covered. 

  • Your Building is covered under your policy and includes additions under construction and materials, equipment and supplies, plus temporary structures at the premises.

  • Business Liability Protection helps protect you if someone is injured on your property and sues you for damages.


Available Add-ons

  • Outdoor Signs covers outdoor signs owned by your business at the described premises.

  • Money and Securities provides coverage for money and securities used in your business, either at your premises or outside your premises. 

  • Identity Theft Restoration and Data Compromise If your identity or your clients’ information gets stolen, this coverage can help with legal work and phone calls

  • Employee Dishonesty covers damages resulting from dishonest acts committed by your employees.

  • Home-based Business protects businesses that are run out of the home and gives coverage for off-premises activities, as well as credit card coverage.

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