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Homes are the means to build wealth for homeowners

Insurance helps minimize repair and liability expenses in the event of a loss.


Basic Coverages

These basic coverages protect you in losses involving your investment property. 

  • Dwelling coverage includes the dwelling and attached structures such as a deck.

  • Other Structures covered include structures such as a detached garage or shed.

  • Personal Property such as furniture and other contents are typically covered. 

  • Liability insurance protects you if you're sued due to negligence.


Popular Add-Ons

Below are a few of the optional coverages that you may be able to purchase either as add-ons to a Homeowners policy or as a separate policy. ​

  • Scheduled Personal Property: Extended coverage on jewelry, watches, furs, etc.

  • Identity Theft Restoration

  • Water Backup

  • Increased coverage on business property


More than just a Mortgagee Requirement

Real Estate Investment Property Insurance

Homeowners Policies come in a variety of flavors with Investment Properties.

Take a look at an overview below and contact an adviser for more information. 

Long Term Leased or Landlord Properties

Landlord properties are nothing new and this is reflected in a mature insurance market. If you are not shopping your landlord insurance policy regularly, you may be doing your cashflow a disservice. Let us find the best policy for you

Vacation or Short-Term Rentals 

AirBNB or HomeAway, anyone? If you're considering renting your investment property on a Vacation or Short-Term Lease basis, be sure to select the correct insurance policy. Foremost Insurance, one of the carriers we represent, offers a competitive product. 

Rental Properties

Vacant Property or Home

Looking to flip a property with minimal rehab? Maybe it's your 1st flip? Maybe your 50th? Vacant Property Insurance is popular for Real Estate investors. As the name implies, this type of insurance covers properties that are vacant or unoccupied. Light rehab such as roof replacement and appliance upgrades is allowed in these policies. Check out Foremost Insurance's Vacant Home product

Builders Risk 

Builders Risk insurance policies also cover properties that are vacant or unoccupied, similar to the Vacant Property policies. However, these properties require more rehab than your run-of-the-mill flip. Updates such as adding square footage or a floor, knocking down or repairing load bearing walls, and foundation work require Builders Risk policies. Homeowners will note that these properties are required for home renovations as well as house flips. 

House Flipping

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