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Alpharetta, GA

Fenix Risk Management is an insurance agency serving the Southeast with offices in Alpharetta and Canton, Georgia. While we opened Fenix’ doors in 2017, we’ve been serving thousands of insurance clients for over a dozen years with our original award-winning agency. We’re appointed directly with over a dozen insurance carriers and appointed with over a dozen insurance brokers, providing clients many markets and competitive products. Beyond the numbers, our agency is a family business led by 4 uniquely experienced partners sharing the values of Education, Sustainability, Security, and Georgia. We hope to use these values to guide our business to continue rapid growth while offering clients an up-to-date experience in an old industry. 


That’s where you come in! The technologist will play an integral role, combining technology with business opportunities and process engineering. Specifically, the technologist will continuously improve the company website to benefit clients’ user experience and internal processes. We will use the Agile Software Development Lifecycle, to guide the design, planning , development, testing, debugging, and retrospective of website initiatives. We’ll use SMART goals to track our progress and add value to stakeholders. 


  • Gather information from stakeholders in product or process

  • Design solutions, getting approval from stakeholders

  • Develop solutions using, HTML, 

  • Quality Assurance Testing of solutions

  • Implement solutions

  • Debug solutions, keeping logs of issues

  • Retrospect the effectiveness and lessons learned


  • 2+ years of high school education or equivalent

  • Ability to commute to our Alpharetta office

  • Available part-time in Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2019

  • Please submit your Resume

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