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Solar Eclipse on 8/21

With a little less than a week away from one of nature's awe-inspiring events, we thought we'd give a little info on best practices for observing the solar eclipse.

What is it?

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth causing the area able to view the eclipse to turn dark. The last time the US saw an eclipse was in 1979.

Where you can see it?

All 48 contiguous states will be able to observe the eclipse, however the thin line of totality will only cross through 14 states.

What time can you see it?

For us in Georgia, the eclipse will begin a little after 1 PM Eastern time and will last just shy of 4 hours.

How can you see it?

Safety is very important when observing the solar eclipse. You can seriously damage your eyes if you are not wearing protective glasses which can be purchased at museums, schools, some grocery stores and pharmacies. Also, it is important to note that regular sunglasses will not protect from the eclipse.

Please note the image below to know when you need to have your safety glasses on.

Hope everyone has a chance to observe this rare celestial event!


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