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Will My Friend Be Covered if He Drives My Car?

A common question we get when writing someone's Auto Insurance is, "What would happen if a friend gets in an accident when driving my car?"

Friends driving in car, sharing your car with friends. Insurance

The short answer is "They are covered.", but we should explain. If you give permission to someone to drive your vehicle, they will be covered under your auto policy. Your friend will be covered whether they are splitting the drive with you on a long road trip, or if your friend borrows your car to do some grocery shopping by herself. Regardless of whether or not you are present, they will be covered in the scenario of an at fault loss.

However, if your friend will be using your car every day for an extended period of time, you should add them to your policy to be safe.

If you have specific questions about your scenario, contact a Fenix Risk Management Adviser.​​ ​​


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Vik is an adviser at Fenix Risk Management.

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