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When do I file an insurance claim on my homeowners insurance?

Unfortunately, catastrophic claims happen, but that's why we have insurance. When a tree falls on your house or your home gets burned down, it's common sense to file a claim.

Insurance claim

However, do you need to file a claim on losses with less damage? There are a few steps when a loss occurs to determine whether it's worth filing a claim.

Step 1: It's your duty when a loss occurs to take the necessary steps to prevent any further damage. (i.e. if a window broke during a storm, you need to hire someone to come out and put a temporary cover so no other damage can occur.

Step 2: Bring a professional out there to look at the damage and give you an estimate of the repairs.

Step 3: Once you have an estimate, contact your agent and ask if the loss is covered. If it's covered, ask for your deductible. It's also a good idea to get your agent's opinion. They have a better idea of the implications on your future premium by filing a claim.

Step 4: Based on your deductible and repair estimate, determine whether it makes sense to file a claim. (i.e. if the repairs are $1,950 and your deductible $2,000, it's not beneficial) It's important to keep in mind if you file a claim, you can expect your premiums to go up at the renewal so only file a claim when it makes sense financially.

Claims are an annoying part of insurance, but your insurance agents are here to help you get through them. Give us a call for more information about the claims process.


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Vik is an adviser at Fenix Risk Management.

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