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Liquor Liability Ordinance in South Carolina

Laws are constantly changing, and it's sometimes hard to keep up with the new developments. Recently in South Carolina, a new ordinance, known as the "Dram Shop Bill", states that any establishment that is serving alcohol after 5pm must have at least $1 million in liquor liability coverage. Institutions that serve alcohol after 5pm but don't get the insurance are at risk of losing their liquor license.

This is a coverage we always recommend to our clients who are exposed to an alcohol related risk. However, now it is mandated by the State. The purpose of this bill is to ensure protection for individuals who are injured at an establishment which is serving alcohol.


The South Carolina legislative branch is formed by 46 Senate members and 124 House members. Senators are elected into a 4 year term. House members are elected into a session that lasts from the second Tuesday of January to the second Thursday of May.

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