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Eric Brown - The Newest Fenix Team Member

Hi All!

My name is Eric Brown. Being born in Alpharetta Georgia, I am very familiar with the territory. I attended school, played sports, and networked all throughout the greater Atlanta area growing up. I then decided to stay in Georgia for my undergrad, and graduated from Georgia Southern University. After I graduated, I found my calling in the insurance industry. I have served in the industry for two and a half years, and along the way, I have been a point of reference for my clients. In the role of account executive and account manager, I have been an advocate for our clients when working with carriers.

My goal is to become a trusted agent for friends, family, and clients. Insurance is essential, yet confusing, which is why it's important for me to educate my clients and become an adviser rather than a salesman. By becoming an adviser, it has become my duty to inform and guide my clients and to mitigate our clients risks. I pride myself in being accessible and treating each client as a person rather than a number.

With all this being said, I look forward to serving you and working on your behalf!

- Eric

Fenix Risk Management is an independent insurance agency proudly serving families & businesses in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.

Eric is an adviser at Fenix Risk Management.

Note: the opinions expressed in this blog are that of the author, not of any individual or organization referenced.

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